In addition to being a transport network, blood vessels play a central role in the regulation of essential processes in health and disease. We are interested in understanding the fundamental vascular functions in the regulation and deregulation of tissue homeostasis. Our research focuses on the interaction of blood vessels with the surrounding tissues to understand the cross talk in the specialisation of the vasculature and tissue-specific niches.

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The mammalian skeleton is a dynamic structure that remodels throughout life. Bone remodelling is a process involving continuous removal of old bone to deposit new matrix. Remodelling is considered to be a central mechanism that allows bones to interact with the whole-body physiology. We investigate the regulation of the remodelling process during developmental bone formation and age-associated bone loss.


The skeletal system hosts multiple specialised microenvironments to support an array of cell types to coordinate critical physiological functions of the skeleton, such as bone formation, and blood cell production. However, the organisation and distribution of microenvironments have been elusive to design strategies that can target and manipulate specific functions of the skeletal system. Towards this, we identify and investigate the cellular composition of microenvironments and their functional relevance.